Smiley Works

Hassle Free Oyster Farming

Without the cost of a boat!

Are you an Oyster Gardener or Oyster Farmer?

Do you find it difficult to remove your oyster gear from the water?

Do you want to harvest easier without the hassle and costs of a boat?

Do you have a group of friends who grow oysters and want to make the job easier for everyone?

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This is a tumbler Taylor float that weighs three times greater that an average Taylor float holding over three thousand one inch oysters. This pier is much high than an average pier lifting the grow out equipment over five feet!

Smiley Lift

The Smiley lift is mobile and versatile and will pick up any and all oyster growing equipment and swing 360 degrees and place your grow out equipment right on the deck of your pier with no lifting. It vice clamps to a piling and then becomes as sturdy as the piling with a 110 hoist to raise your gear with a push of a button.

Smiley Lift Video

This is a tumbler Taylor float that weighs three times as much as a regular Taylor float with over 3000 in oyster seed inside.

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804 384 7266